House Rules

Rules will be entered here as they come up. But first and foremost are rules regarding experience and my rules for rewarding it.

Players will start with mages made exactly as detailed in the rulebook – but those who write a bio for their character on this site will start with two extra points of merits so long as their bio explains why they would have that merit. The bio should also include a brief description of the character’s history, events in their awakening, their virtue and vice, as well as their reason for being in San Rosa. All else is only gravy.

For experience gained after each session, it will be determined as follows. Anywhere from 1 to 5 experience will be awarded.

  • You will get one point for showing up to the session.
  • You will get one point for good roleplaying and creating interesting stories.
  • You will get one point for not being disruptive to the gaming experience.
  • You will get one point for updating your in-character log of events on this site since last time.
  • You will get one point for doing something absolutely heroic – a sacrifice, a master plan, or the like. Only one person may get this point each session.

House Rules

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