Freelance Warlock


Xehaal(zzz-all) is a 27 year old, wealthy bachelor. He is 5,7 , has a thin wispy frame and an emaciated face from years of Opium use. He usually wears a creepy smile and an amused expression He can generally be found wearing an expensive looking black suit, a crimson dress shirt and a black time with purple flames. He has piercing hazel eyes that distribute a haunting gaze, as if he is trying to kill you with his eyes. He has raven black hair that is usually pulled back into a shoulder length ponytail. He carries a tanto and two M9 Berettas(Semi auto pistols). Each of the weapons are jewel encrusted and plated with gold and/or silver. Strangely enough he often speaks of faith and belief in a greater power. He currently works in the private sector as an arms dealer. He is also known for talking to his what is thought to be his lost love. No one is quite sure if he is talking to a familiar or if it is just a long term Opium hallucination. He is extremely manipulative but helpful as long as you are working within his constraints. Addicted to opium, sex, and rock(the music).

(note: The Image is the closest thing I have to my character’s face. from http://luminousarc.wikia.com/wiki/Zehaal)


Xehaal is a rather strange man to be around. His regular opium use keeps him moving from place to place as to avoid the attention of the law.

nutshell story, later to be fleshed out(would like an approval before I go all out on it)

Makes money from working at CDC as a Lead Researcher
Quietly fired for discovering the cure for all disease
Wife dies of a combo of Pancreatic, Colon, Lung, and Leukemia
Xehaal furious that the CDC would not let him manufacture his cure
Turns to Opium
Does 17 grams of Opium in an attempt to commit suicide
Fails to die and instead trips so hard he opens his mind to Magic
Is mentally transported to the Realm of Pandemonium
Makes deal with a devil to get his wife back and punish those who caused her death
Agrees to trade souls of his enemies to devil
ceases tripping and returns to normal realm.
Wife is now familiar but looks like a succubus(maybe not a succubus though)
devil teaches Xehaal magic through Wife.
Xehaal uses new powers to steal his research and samples of cure
Uses magic and subterfuge to have all his enemies fund his arms company
At semi-random stages the death of his enemies, at every crime scene leaves fake evidence
each piece of evidence points to the president(or what ever the head guy would be)
president is sent to jail
Xehaal shows up and reveals his plan
uses magic and subterfuge to force the president to sell his soul for a cigar
Xehaal departs and starts working at his new company
his business concluded Xehaal starts his wandering for opium, wife in tow

His constant search for opium has brought him to San Rosa, New Mexico after he heard about several artifacts that could be found in the area. While on his way to San Rosa he was asked to investigate the splintering of the San Rosa Free Council.


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