Time Magus


Lorkhan is a fairly healthy looking man standing at 6’03" with a trimmed down full black beard. He keeps his hair unkempt but short enough to not bother him. He wears an outfit designed to withstand harsh weather and long expeditions, including a long brown trench coat and fedora. He wears a belt-strapped bag containing many of his exploration-related items. Due to the nature of his line of work (searching for old artifacts and exploring ancient sites), Lorkhan carries a Glock 17 around for self-defense in case he encounters people working against him.


Lorkhan was called to San Rosa by the Mysterium to investigate several reports of ancient artifacts located there. He generally doesn’t like working with other people, but understands that it is necessary for survival, especially in his line of work. This attitude can make Lorkhan seem detached from most social situations, but he is dedicated to his job and will do almost anything to get to the goal, whether it is a mystery to be solved or an artifact to be found.

Lorkhan generally distrusts mages of the mastigos order, but is fine with most other orders of magic. He also has an intense distaste of politicians, making it so he and Chimera are NOT the best of groups for the most part.


Day 1

The Mysterium has called me to the city of San Rosa to investigate reports of ancient artifacts in the area. After several days of traveling, I arrived and started looking for a good place to live. Some time later, I was able to obtain an old fallout bunker left over from the Cold War era.

I’ve been assigned to find an artifact known as the Canta of Power. Its capabilities are currently unknown.
- Canta implies some kind of song
- Power is self-explanatory, magic power

It seems that there is a misunderstanding between the Mysterium and the San Rosa Free Council with assassins going around. Xehaal, our resident mind mage (untrustworthy as they are), is not able to recollect everything about several events that had apparently occurred recently. We were assigned, along with Chimera and his bodyguard to find a man named Strago in the abandoned subway system.

While exploring the subway we found a magical formula inscribed on the wall, which I have taken several pictures of for further analysis. Also I’ve peered into the recent past and saw that the person who wrote the formula was doing it as part of some ritual and was in a trance. Before he could finish, the man was interrupted for reasons unknown. That is all I could gleam from the past before being rushed back to the present.

A few moments later and further into the subway, we found Strago. He was the man who wrote the formula on the wall. Interesting. However, it was soon apparent that the Strago we met was not the actual Strago, but rather his bodyguard. After a quick face off, where Chimera foolishly kept failing to persuade the man to take us to Strago, Xehaal was able to do what our diplomat could not: deliver a message to Strago. Note to self: don’t dismiss mind mages so quickly, especially when they’re useful in various social situations.

It seems that the time magic in metro central depends on altering people’s perception of time rather than time itself. Mastigos mages don’t know how to properly deal with time, but I will admit it is an interesting work around. We also found a blind-folded woman who is Anathema. Most definitely something I’d prefer to stay away from. One more thing, when Chimera was shot during our face off with Strago’s bodyguard, it seemed that he wasn’t actually shot. I had looked into his personal timeline and found that we were talking to nobody. Some kind of mass mind magic would be logical to assume to be at work.

Soon after (well soon for me, it was a longer time for the rest of our group) Strago himself appeared. A temporal paradox was averted because the first meeting with whom we thought was Strago was nothing more than a time shadow, a vision displaced in time. Strago claims to ally himself with the Mysterium and knows the Canta of Power, but he also says that the Canta corrupts those who know it. It also seems that Anathema rarely last a long time, but the one after Strago is lasting for quite a while. Anathema seem to be getting smarter and more organized.

Strago told use about an organization known as the Pentaverate. He then chanted the Canta of Power, which disrupted all magic for some time and then summoned a man named Edward Kelly.

Edward transferred some of the Canta of Power to Xehaal. Apparently Edward is a member of the Pentaverate and the Canta summoned him from death. The four other members of the Pentaverate remain dead, a good thing according to Edward since they had been “corrupted by power.” However, I am still unsure whether Edward is to be trusted or not. He hasn’t given me any reason (outside of being a mastigos mage) to distrust him, but I will remain cautious.
Day 2

I’m still inspecting the written Canta on the subway wall. It seems that the power is contained within the structure of the song itself rather than the lyrics. This will be noted for future Cantas found.

It seems that Xehaal and Chimera love to fight each other, especially considering the binding verbal contract Xehaal made with Chimera. We went back to the Mysterium to tell Scour of what we found. Scour is going to talk to Edward while a necromancer named Winnow will be our contact for missions. Her first mission to us is to find an artifact called the Scryer’s Mirror; made by the Pentaverate centuries ago.

The Pentaverate was a group of 5 non-Atlantean mages and their apprentices. Jonathon Dee was a scryer while Edward Kelly was an alchemist. Winnow gave Xehaal and me an anti-passive scrying stone, just in case.

Our next objective is located south of town along the Mexican border at an underground, yet excavated ruin. There was a series of temples going from northern to southern Mexico and it seems that the origin era was around the 16th-17th century (around the same time period as Edward Kelly is from).

We managed to gain access to the temple and began our investigation. Chimera was able to summon up an old spirit, but nothing much of value was learned. The temple was, however, a hiding place from the Aztecs and actually pre-dates the Aztecs, therefore the origin era is obviously much earlier in time.

Further investigation into the temple found a jade knife (some kind of ritual knife perhaps?) half-buried in sand at a lower level in the temple. The knife had the inscription of the Aztec god “Tletlu” on it. We also found a combination lock on the floor where the knife was found. It took some thinking, but I was able to determine that the lock was a blood seal and cut my hand to let my blood drip onto the seal, causing one of the five locks to turn. From there I was able to deduce that each lock corresponded to each of the five orders of magic: Acanthus, Obrimos, Moros, Thyrus, and Magistos. We only had access to four of the five, but Chimera and our resident Moros mage (note to self: find out his name) were able to create some Obrimos blood to unseal the last lock, which opened up a spiral staircase going down.

We went down into what seemed to be a more modern-looking area, of all things. It was a Pentaverate base as my seeing into the past indicated. During my Sight, Kelly was carrying the Scryer’s Mirror into some storage room, but he also seemed to have seen me, even though this was in the past! What is even more perplexing is that Kelly said “Hey, again.” There’s definitely some weird time magic going on here or Kelly figured out the secret to time travel. A Pentaverate knowledge bank was found in this same room, which seemed to operate based on what the user expects. Myself being experienced with Linux-based operating systems, it worked like a Linux computer for me. After some querying, we were able to find out the names and orders of the remaining members of the Pentaverate:

  • Edward Kelly – Magistos
  • Guy Fawkes – Obrimos
  • Lou MacLir – Thyrus
  • Selen MacLir – Acanthus
  • John Dee – Moros

Because the knowledge bank was such a useful source of information, I connected my tablet to it via a high data transmission communications line so we can use it in the future. The knowledge bank also gave us hints that some more artifacts were located in Britain, specifically a small island between Ireland and England known as Balthamac.

Xehaal was able to obtain the Scryer’s Mirror without too much trouble, but on our way out we ran across yet another Anathema. At which point Chimera freaked out but managed to subdue the anathema with an emergency beacon given to him by Winnow. However, in the process of freaking out, he also caused a manifestation-level event to occur; which is certainly NOT what we needed.

Xehaal’s connections allowed us to fly to London and get us to the city of Bath in a rather short period of time, barring teleportation.
Day 3

After spending some time in Bath, we set off to Balthamac in search of the next Canta of Power. Chimera had to leave our group to deal with the legal repercussions for transferring money “covertly.”

The artifact is located near the middle of the island, where standing stones were placed around a clearing in three groups of three around a single large. These stones were probably calender stones that could track the sun throughout the year. The last time something happened here was 28 days ago, during the night of a full moon. Speaking of full moon, there are legends of werewolves in this area, so we proceeded very carefully.

I took myself one second out of sync with the rest of the universal timeline into imaginary time, of all things, and saw a rather hefty group of werewolves who seem to be guarding the central stone. Inside the central stone was a woman who seemed to be frozen in time: a time lock. I inquired as to where the key to the lock was located, but the information I could get out of the werewolves was on an island to the south of Balthamac where a being known as the Bloodsinger lived. The woman, whom I presume is Selen MacLir, has a familiar in the form of a fox.

When we reached the boat we had arrived on, there was a fox who actually communicated with us rather surprisingly, saying its name was Samus. This fox is probably the familiar of Selen MacLir. On our way to the next island, Samus hummed a tune in the tempo of three beats of three; which I presumed has something to do with Selen’s Canta of Power. We arrived on the island, where a written version of the next part of the Canta of Power was found on the walls of a cave in blood. The whole of this place was drenched in death magic, which was fascinating to our resident Moros mage (again, what is his name?).


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