Selen Awakens

With the aid of the Pentaverate Database, the cabal managed to find Balthamac, the area that Selen MacLir was sealed, though it seemed that much like Edward Kelly before, knowledge of the proper Canta of Power was required. Unfortunately it’s location was much harder to discern. There was an intricate mechanism sealing Selen in time, though it seemed much more to be a disguise than the actual lock itself. The lock itself was composed of a threefold shell, two spoken commands and they must both be at an extremely specific time. Any non-acanthus mage would lack the time sense to say without missing a beat.

Invisible beasts attacked Xehaal and the rest of the group, but seemed to be unwilling to do much more than harass. They never went for a kill. While trying to examine Selen’s time lock through various means, Lorkhan shunted himself to a parallel timeline outside of normal time. This allowed him to speak with the werewolves, which were stuck in a twenty-eight day time loop, revealing the location of the Canta of Power which would awaken Selen.

The first was found (rather by accident) in the mind of Shamus, Selen’s fox familiar. The song was very different than the Mastigos Canta, rather than a severe and terrible melody, it was a light staccato rhythm that lent itself well to humming, at least for Shamus.

The second was guarded by an immensely powerful death witch, the Bloodsinger, but she seemed to want to resolve things peacefully. The Bloodsinger warned that Selen was under the influence of Edward Kelly’s mind magic, and that she was horribly dangerous and should not be released. Apparently Selen cast the curse that keeps the Bloodsinger and the werewolves both immortal and trapped outside time, and allowed the party live through desperation of release more than actual mercy.

Selen was released, with no knowledge of the 21st century, but with an immensely powerful artifact and valuable information regarding Edward Kelly’s true motive – that Kelly may have forced Selen to imprison Lugh MacLir, and somehow took Lugh’s soul even while he was outside of time.

Meanwhile, it seems that Chimera’s double may not be a result of Bacchus’ meddling, but rather an entirely separate demon. It fits with the myth of the Skinwalker, a powerful demon that Selen mentioned Kelly summoning at one point.



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