Scryer's Mirror

In light of Edward Kelly‘s summoning, the Cabal returned to Scour with a potential goldmine of information. The revelation of his existence as well as the newly learned Canta of Power lead Scour to leave the cathedral to converse with Kelly, with Damocles as his body guard. Now Lorkhan is instructed by Winnow, to retrieve a more tangible artifact. This one is known as the Scryer’s Mirror. It’s an artifact created by Edward Kelly centuries ago to aid in his conversations with Angels, but was found to be dangerous enough to bury.

Though it’s workings are unknown to all save Kelly, the cabal found a much more useful treasure, a seventeenth century computer, allegedly build by Kelly as well. The Pentaverate Database was connected to Lorkhan’s tablet, but it is still heavily restricted in terms of information available. The temple the database was found in was locked by a blood seal, requiring five mages, one of each path, to open.

Additionally, Chimera invoked a paradox that manifested as Bacchus, a goat-demon that seems to mean him well, though every instance of Bacchus’ assistance seems to backfire.

Three major hints were found:

Firstly, the database contained the names of the previous Pentaverate members, as well as their last known locations. There was one member for each path:

Edward Kelly – Mastigos
Johnathan Dee – Moros
Lugh MacLir – Thyrsus
Selen MacLir – Acanthus
Guy Fawkes – Obrimos

Secondly, Edward Kelly’s past self seemed to be aware of Lorkhan viewing him from the future, for whatever reason. He went so far as to address him.

Thirdly, Selen MacLir is the closest Pentaverate member, on the isle of Balthamac.

The party set out to find Selen after returning the mirror to Winnow, as she is highly distrustful of Edward Kelly, who did not want to see Selen reawakened.



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