Selen Awakens

With the aid of the Pentaverate Database, the cabal managed to find Balthamac, the area that Selen MacLir was sealed, though it seemed that much like Edward Kelly before, knowledge of the proper Canta of Power was required. Unfortunately it’s location was much harder to discern. There was an intricate mechanism sealing Selen in time, though it seemed much more to be a disguise than the actual lock itself. The lock itself was composed of a threefold shell, two spoken commands and they must both be at an extremely specific time. Any non-acanthus mage would lack the time sense to say without missing a beat.

Invisible beasts attacked Xehaal and the rest of the group, but seemed to be unwilling to do much more than harass. They never went for a kill. While trying to examine Selen’s time lock through various means, Lorkhan shunted himself to a parallel timeline outside of normal time. This allowed him to speak with the werewolves, which were stuck in a twenty-eight day time loop, revealing the location of the Canta of Power which would awaken Selen.

The first was found (rather by accident) in the mind of Shamus, Selen’s fox familiar. The song was very different than the Mastigos Canta, rather than a severe and terrible melody, it was a light staccato rhythm that lent itself well to humming, at least for Shamus.

The second was guarded by an immensely powerful death witch, the Bloodsinger, but she seemed to want to resolve things peacefully. The Bloodsinger warned that Selen was under the influence of Edward Kelly’s mind magic, and that she was horribly dangerous and should not be released. Apparently Selen cast the curse that keeps the Bloodsinger and the werewolves both immortal and trapped outside time, and allowed the party live through desperation of release more than actual mercy.

Selen was released, with no knowledge of the 21st century, but with an immensely powerful artifact and valuable information regarding Edward Kelly’s true motive – that Kelly may have forced Selen to imprison Lugh MacLir, and somehow took Lugh’s soul even while he was outside of time.

Meanwhile, it seems that Chimera’s double may not be a result of Bacchus’ meddling, but rather an entirely separate demon. It fits with the myth of the Skinwalker, a powerful demon that Selen mentioned Kelly summoning at one point.

Scryer's Mirror

In light of Edward Kelly‘s summoning, the Cabal returned to Scour with a potential goldmine of information. The revelation of his existence as well as the newly learned Canta of Power lead Scour to leave the cathedral to converse with Kelly, with Damocles as his body guard. Now Lorkhan is instructed by Winnow, to retrieve a more tangible artifact. This one is known as the Scryer’s Mirror. It’s an artifact created by Edward Kelly centuries ago to aid in his conversations with Angels, but was found to be dangerous enough to bury.

Though it’s workings are unknown to all save Kelly, the cabal found a much more useful treasure, a seventeenth century computer, allegedly build by Kelly as well. The Pentaverate Database was connected to Lorkhan’s tablet, but it is still heavily restricted in terms of information available. The temple the database was found in was locked by a blood seal, requiring five mages, one of each path, to open.

Additionally, Chimera invoked a paradox that manifested as Bacchus, a goat-demon that seems to mean him well, though every instance of Bacchus’ assistance seems to backfire.

Three major hints were found:

Firstly, the database contained the names of the previous Pentaverate members, as well as their last known locations. There was one member for each path:

Edward Kelly – Mastigos
Johnathan Dee – Moros
Lugh MacLir – Thyrsus
Selen MacLir – Acanthus
Guy Fawkes – Obrimos

Secondly, Edward Kelly’s past self seemed to be aware of Lorkhan viewing him from the future, for whatever reason. He went so far as to address him.

Thirdly, Selen MacLir is the closest Pentaverate member, on the isle of Balthamac.

The party set out to find Selen after returning the mirror to Winnow, as she is highly distrustful of Edward Kelly, who did not want to see Selen reawakened.

Edward Kelly

After the time rift was used to spy on Delos’ murderer, the apprentices accompanying Xehaal went missing. After reporting back to Scour about the event, him and his apprentice Winnow discussed the next possible targets, they all seemed to know about the Canta of Power. After eliminating unlikely targets, the only person who the assassin might target was determined to be Strago, a dangerous rogue mage only allowed to live due to the value of his research. Xehaal met up with the Mysterium Mage Lorkhan as well as Chimera and his body guard.

Strago was not easy to find, even when the cabal thought they had found him, it turned out to only be a time shadow of a future meeting. In his place was found an Anathema. The Anathema was far more lucid than others of her kind, and seemed to want to avoid any collateral damage. All she wanted was to destroy Strago, due to his knowledge of the Canta.

She was subdued and Strago saved, but it turned out that the assassin was actually working for Strago instead of against him. Now that Strago was the only person that knew the Canta, he sacrificed himself in a ritual that buried it’s knowledge and summoned the ancient Warlock Edward Kelly. Edward Kelly had explained that he was called forth from the seventeenth century to repair the Veil which was horribly damaged from the number of mages and magical artifacts present around San Rosa. Their motives are unclear, and there are still unanswered questions from the note left by the assassin, but Edward Kelly had said his business was only with Scour.

Now Xehaal is tasked with delivering the knowledge of the Canta to Scour. It was also implied there were four other Cantas, but Kelly would rather not have them unearthed. The Mysterium’s next task may be by Kelly’s command instead of Scour’s.

Canta of Power

A taste of the constant tension between factions has been seen in San Rosa, Xehaal had just arrived and was led by a mysterious courier into the San Rosa Mysterium’s home base. He was given a task (though it was more to train the new apprentices, Kahn and Gethsurai) that involved locating the Canta of Power.

Their only lead was the location of a mage who was reported to know about it living in a cave outside of city limits. They were assailed by the Cave’s guardian, a golem. The golem’s creator was found dead, but his apprentice had fought off the assassin by the time the Cabal arrived. The Thyrsus mage was killed in an extraordinary manner, his body consumed to transmute his soul into pure mana. This was determined by accessing the ghost’s last thoughts.

The Thyrsus apprentice did have some information that he cautiously shared, that a mage known as Delos, based in a derelict parking garage. It seemed that Delos suffered the same fate as the Thyrsus before, the Cabal was just a little too late. Damocles was already investigating the murder. The signature of the ghost was still present, and the location’s past was viewed via a time window created by Gethsurai. A flash drive was found bearing a message:

“Sleep is a blessing, I know, a common saying, but one that holds little weight except among banishers. I wish you all could see it as truth. Awakening is freedom, yes? Awakening is breaking free from bondage. And the master is not happy his slaves are breaking free.

It is the Exarchs’ will, can’t you see? We can’t fight them. I’m no throne seeker, so cut the shit and call the assassins off. We can’t fight the Exarchs, they turn us against each other. They wanted you to send assassins. They want me dead because I understand. I don’t believe in a righteous path anymore. I will force the Exarchs down from their thrones to get me.

Fuck it all, I will fight them, if I have to crush every sleeper in this damn city to do it. Even if I have to crush you to do it. Goodbye, Winnow."

The message was easily encrypted, possible meant to be broken. Damocles took possession of the message and it’s translation, and ordered the Cabal to speak to no-one except Scour about it’s contents. He was grateful of their work, and offered quick promotion. However, the Canta of Power has still not been found. In the face of a more pressing mystery, things tend to slip from one’s mind.


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