Welcome to the Pentaverate!

Recent findings in New Mexico around the San Rosa area have pointed toward the possible existence of an ancient non-Atlantean group of mages. The San Rosa Mysterium have set up base there and are currently gathering as many artifacts and hints of the Pentaverate‘s previous existence. For some unknown reason, the San Rosa Free Council has splintered from their main group and seems to be acting against the Mysterium. It is dangerous to leave one’s sanctum in San Rosa, let alone go asking for information. But the Pentaverate’s ancient power is at stake-and available to the first to find it.

The Mage: The Awakening Storytelling System is copyright to White Wolf Publishing. This chronicle and setting are a part of the World of Darkness setting within the books World of Darkness and it’s child books, and as such I lay no claim to any information found within. I have tried to not include any information that may be found in the books as to avoid any legal disputes and have tried to keep only my original creations available to see.


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